Whether we’re talking about TV, internet, apps, games or smartphones: media are universal and used by almost every child. MediaMasters introduces primary school pupils to the opportunities and dangers of (digital) media in a fun way. They can engage with media literacy themes like social media, information skills, programming, privacy, cyberbullying, cybersecurity, vlogging and online behaviour (or ‘netiquette’). Working together as a team, the pupils complete assignments both in the classroom and at home and must demonstrate their media savviness by taking quizzes and successfully completing certain tasks. They are challenged to develop a critical and conscious attitude towards media.

MediaMasters can be played by Dutch-speaking pupils aged 10-12, independent of their background, educational level or prior knowledge. MediaMissions and assignments in MediaMasters are contributed by the partners of the Dutch Media Literacy Network.

What is the most media literate high school class in the Netherlands?

MediaMasters can be played throughout the year. The highlight of the year is the nationwide contest which is part of the Dutch Media Literacy Week taking place yearly (every November). Kids in each class must demonstrate that they have mastered certain media skills. Over five days, five challenging one-hour game rounds are played by thousands of classes, who compete for the title of ‘Most media literate class in the Netherlands’. In 2021, a record number of 160.000 pupils registered to participate. Kinds can earn points both in the classroom and at home by completing MediaMissions, which consist of various media literacy-related questions and assignments. The highest-scoring classes can win great prizes. All participants receive the MediaMasters certificate of participation upon completing the tournament.

During the rest of the academic year, MediaMasters offers easy access to themed information around media literacy and digital skills: How can you search and find things on the Internet? Or would you like to spend extra time on cyberbullying in the classroom? For more in-depth coverage of these themes, MediaMasters can point you to relevant educational material. Also on offer are fifteen ThemeMissions which can be played individually by pupils via MediaMasters Extra.

MediaMasters goals for students

  • Analysis: Nurture a critical eye for the media and be aware of how they operate
  • Awareness: Experience and understand the (intended or unintended) effects of media
  • Privacy and respect: Gain insight into your own media behaviou
  • Dialogue: Talk about media, at home and in the classroom
  • Creation: Be able to make, use and share media yourself

The goals of MediaMasters are based on the Media Literacy Competence Model.

Social media

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Dutch Media Literacy Week

MediaMasters is played during the yearly Dutch Media Literacy Week. In 2022, the Dutch Media Literacy Week will take place from November 4 - 11.

» Read more about the Dutch Media Literacy Week here.


Great prizes can be won during the yearly national tournament in the Dutch Media Literacy Week. In previous years, winning classes got to visit the Voice of Holland studio, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, EYE Film Museum and CODA Museum’s VR Lab.

Keep an eye on the MediaMasters website where the prizes for 2020/2021 will be announced.

Additional information

MediaMasters can be played by Dutch-speaking pupils aged 10-12, independent of their background, educational level or prior knowledge. MediaMasters only takes up one hour per daily game round and requires the use of a DigiBoard.

Playing MediaMasters is free. For more information and the application page, please visit mediamasters.nl/aanmelden.

Want to know more?

mediamasters.nl/mediamasters-english/ is the website where you can get more information.